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What is a case convertor?

Changing the text case of a given text is easy with Change Text Case Convert. Text should be copied and pasted into the text area, and text case should be selected.

Here's an online tool that lets you convert your text between lowercase and uppercase letters, capitalize it and capitalize it, convert it to mixed case, and convert it. Explore YouTube Case Converter.

How to use Case Converter?

An input string`s case is standardized using the Case Converter online transformation.

Are you guilty of writing entire notes or documents using caps lock without realizing it? It doesn`t need to be deleted and rewritten. Now, you can instantly use our case converter online tool to convert the text with the right capitalization style. It is possible to change lowercase letters to uppercase letters, uppercase letters to lowercase letters, and title cases to sentence cases. To use the case changer, follow these three steps:

Step #1: The Case Converter tool is accessed by copying and pasting: sentences, paragraphs, or whole documents from other documents. Although the case changer preserves space, it does not recognize bold, italic or underlined text, fonts or hyperlinks.

Step #2: There are four options to choose from: "Normal text", "ALL CAPITALIZED" (uppercase), "all minimalized" (lowercase), Count Word, Capitalize, and Count Charactor.

Step #3: You will see your text capitalized in the right-hand box as you specify. By clicking on "Copy results," you can save it to your clipboard manually or with a click on the "Copy results" button.

Why you should use the case converter?

Case converters can be helpful for a number of reasons, including:

It's easy to change to lowercase if you accidentally left your caps on lock. The problem of capitalization in the text can be easily fixed with the tool.

Do you have a word in your document that you forgot to capitalize? No need to type it again. Performing automatic conversion is as simple as using the Capitalize Text feature.

When optimizing for search engines, CTR (click-through rate) can be increased by capitalizing each word in the title. Each comment can be capitalized automatically with the case converter tool.

Benefits of using the case converter

Case conversion is not available in many word editing programs. You can spot potential capitalization problems using our free tool. Still not sure if Text Converter is right for you? Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • To fix a text case error, copy and paste the text into a text converter tool after you see the mistake.
  • Make all first letters of text phrases bold by selecting "All First Letter Big".
  • Normal text" can be used to remove incorrect capital letters.
  • Cap Converter Options: "All Capitalized," converts text to all capital letters.
  • When selecting "All Lowercase", all capital letters will be immediately converted to lowercase.
  • Your document will automatically be converted to plain text if you want to remove unwanted formatting elements.